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DUI Driver Kills 8-year old Girl, Indicates New York Criminal Lawyer

DUI Driver Kills 8-year old Girl, Indicates New York Criminal Lawyer
You’d think with all the advertising that says it’s not a smart thing to drink and drive that people would actually listen. Unfortunately, they don’t and accidents like this senseless tragedy occur said a New York Criminal Lawyer. But for the fact that the 45-year old man had been drinking, an 8-year old child would still be alive.
This wreck involved three cars and happened just as the child’s family was exiting an Interstate to head into town. Both the parents were seriously injured in this accident and they never knew what hit them. The driver just came at them out of the blue and suddenly, after the sound of breaking glass died down, there were three cars tangled in a massive wreck.
The drunk driver would be cited with vehicular homicide and likely face additional charges reported the New York Criminal Lawyer. The police will be launching an investigation in to the fatal affair, in the hopes of getting to the bottom of what happened. While it is quite evident that the driver was behind the wheel three sheets to the wind, no one is clear on what happened prior to the wreck. Often, details like that are necessary to put together a court case.
The parents will want to speak to a New York Criminal Lawyer to find out how they may proceed with their case once the criminal charges have been laid and the offender is officially in the justice system. Typically, personal injury lawsuits are filed after the criminal courts have dealt with an offender. The most famous case that illustrates this is the O.J. Simpson civil trial.
If you have been in a wreck that involved a DUI driver, make your first call to a New York Criminal Attorney for advice. Many New York City Criminal Lawyers have the ability to represent either the plaintiff or the defendant. If you are the at fault driver in a DUI wreck, do not speak to police, call a New York Criminal Attorney right away.

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