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Deadbeat Dad allegedly abducts his son and is added to Crime Stoppers top 10, reports New York Criminal Lawyers


A 46-year-old man disappeared with his 11-year-old son on October 10 has just been added to the Crime Stoppers 10 Most Wanted List. New York Criminal Lawyers reported he allegedly abducted the boy two days before what was supposed to be a regular visitation.

According to local authorities, the man might have fled with the boy in a panic because he hadn’t been holding up his agreement in the divorce and he learned there was a warrant out for his arrest.

New York Criminal Lawyers said the boy was seen getting into his Dad’s green 1997 Chevy Tahoe and never showed up for the school the next day.

Police said in the hours and days after the man fled with the boy, he had numerous phone conversations with the boy’s mother, threatening to kill both her and her parents if she didn’t cooperate by getting the warrants dropped.

The suspect suffers from terminal cancer and authorities suspect he hasn’t been taking his pain medication – which would make it very difficult for him to properly care for the boy.

According to New York Criminal Lawyers, the suspect has no known relatives who may be helping him take care of the boy.

Investigators speculate the suspect traveled to Alabama at some point, but have grown cold on his trail. Local police urge civilians to call Crime Stoppers if they believe they’ve seen anyone resembling the suspect and the boy in a Chevy Tahoe. A cash reward has been offered according to New York Criminal Lawyers.

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