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Landlord Kills Tenant In Dispute Over Rent


A dispute over rent turned deadly, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer. A landlord pulled a gun from out of no where, took aim, squeezed the trigger, and with that took the life of a long time tenant. The dispute was primarily over money, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer, but there were other issues at play. The two had been engaged in a long running feud over money, living conditions, and a myriad of other issues.

This murder should not have been a surprise, notes a New York Criminal Lawyer. The landlord had a violent history with the murder victim and the murder victim’s family. Last July, apparently over similar issues, the same landlord pulled out a pistol (or possibly an air rifle, reports are conflicting) and fired at the late tenant’s nephew. Prosecutors believe that the initial shot was not intended for the nephew but rather for the tenant. The victim was a seventy one year old man who had begun to refuse to pay his rent, notes a New York Criminal Lawyer.

The current landlord had taken over the property following the death of the landlord’s uncle (the former property owner). From there, the feud began to simmer. It would slowly boil, with tempers occasionally flaring but violence was never prevalent until recently. Some accounts have it that the murder victim’s refusal to pay had created a strong sense of rejection within the landlord, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. The victim’s refusal to pay came across like a proverbial slap in the face, a way of inadvertently telling the landlord that she was not part of the uncle’s family.

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