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Grandson Charged With Larceny


Although family is the cornerstone for most of us, the ties that bind do not always mean loyalty and love. In the case of one 40 year old man, his loyalty turned out to be more towards himself than to his elderly 89 year old grandmother. According to a New York Criminal LawyerSteve Bilkis the man is being charged with larceny after having stolen over $100,000 from his grandmother’s trust fund. 

Reports said that as a result of the financial drain caused by the embezzlement, the elderly woman had been forced to move from her home, losing everything and having to relocate to a small, dirty trailer, said the New York Criminal Lawyer. 

Apparently, within two weeks of her grandson being named as the trustee by the probate court, the man began taking large chunks of money out of his grandmother’s account and depositing it into two different accounts that he used for businesses that he owned. By the time the elderly woman realized what was going on she had been effectively drained of money. 

She lost her house after her grandson had failed to pay her mortgage as she had entrusted him to do. Now, explains the New York Criminal Attorney, the man is attempting to make up for the tremendous damage that he caused her and is paying her back slowly over time. Her grandson was released from jail after posting bond and is working to make good on his mistakes while he is waiting to appear in court.  

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