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Snowbound Driver Charged With DUI,


Drinking and driving is never a good idea, and even less of a good idea when it is cold and snowing, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer. A 51 year old Pennsylvania woman is probably inclined to agree after being arrested. It seems that her day went from bad to worse after she had a few too many drinks. 

The New York Criminal Lawyer said that the woman had been drinking when she set out in her car on a cold snowy day. Police reports said that the police found the woman stranded in her vehicle in the snow, pointing in the opposite direction that she was supposed to be going. When they approached her, police said that she was no cooperative and refused to get out of the vehicle upon request. 

The New York Criminal Attorney stated that the officers reported a distinct smell of alcohol coming from the inside of the vehicle and that it was obvious that she was intoxicated by her manner of speech and body language cues. The woman also refused to take a breathalyzer field sobriety test. At that point she became belligerent to the point where police had reason to restrain her. 

With some small degree of force they extracted her from the vehicle and proceeded to arrest her, according to the New York Criminal Lawyer. She was incarcerated after not being able to make bail, which had been set as $2300 and remains in custody. More information will follow pending developments on this case. 

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