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Group Tries to Get More DWI Checkpoints in Texas


DWI drivers may have to a new effort to stop them in Texas, according to reports received by New York Criminal Lawyers. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is trying to get Texas lawmakers to set up DWI checkpoints in the Lone Star State.
New York Criminal Lawyers have uncovered a recent study that shows Texas s the leading state in the country for alcohol-related traffic deaths. The executive director for MADD wants Texas to join the other states in setting up DWI check points. There are 39 states that have sobriety checkpoints – Texas is one of the 11 states that has no such program.
“The point of a checkpoint isn’t to arrest more people, the point and the success behind one is the deterrence factor,” the director of MADD said to a New York Criminal Lawyer.
The evidence seems to point to checkpoints being a valid deterrent. The Centers for Disease Control sifted through 23 studies involving regular sobriety checkpoints and noted that the number of crashes dropped by 20% when checkpoints were involved.
MADD has been trying to get checkpoints in Texas for years, as has the district attorney, but some lawmakers fear it might lead to racial profiling.
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