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NY Mets Francisco Rodriguez Plans for Bout with Lawyers


He can throw a baseball nearly 100 miles per hour without breaking a sweat – and it was that same arm speed, strength, and velocity that New York Mets star baseball relief pitcher Francisco Rodriguez used when he violently punched the father of his girlfriend. The reportedly brutal assault took place as friends, family, and loved ones all watched in noted shock and disbelief. Reports a New York Criminal Lawyer, Rodriguez’s girlfriend and her father have hired an attorney and are looking into filing suit against Rodriguez.

Though the six foot, one hundred and ninety five pound Rodriguez and his girlfriend were not married the two had children and lived together, says a New York Criminal Lawyer. Both Rodriguez’s girlfriend and her father have successfully filed for orders of protection, which require Rodriguez to keep his distance from the two. The brawl between Rodriguez and the man reportedly arose after the man yelled an insult at Rodriguez’s mother, said a New York Criminal Lawyer.

The four time All Star relief pitcher was immediately suspended by the New York Mets for two games following the altercation, reported a New York Criminal Lawyer. Just a few days later the Mets closer admitted that he had done substantial damage to his valuable throwing hand. Rodriguez revealed that he’d torn ligaments in his right thumb. The damage to his hand may jeopardize his playing career and as a result the New York Mets have looked into voiding the remaining years on Rodriguez’s contract.

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