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Sex suit filed against actor Steven Seagal, says a Queens Criminal Lawyer


A lady who once was employed as a personal assistant to Steven Seagal has filed a $1
million suit against the actor alleging that the duties he required were too personal,
states a Queens Criminal Lawyer. The former employee claims in her lawsuit that the
martial artist imprisoned her in his Louisiana home. The twenty-three year old was hired
in February 2009 as an executive assistant, and quickly discovered that her
responsibilities extended far beyond the office. The claim states that Seagal provided
lodging for the woman in his house, and on her first evening at the residence, he
requested a massage from her, to which she refused. Seagal, as a result, supposedly
groped her from under her shirt. She reportedly was also expected to be sexually
available to him at any time. While no comment has been made by the action star,
Seagal’s attorney informed Queens Criminal Lawyers that the claims are completely
false and the woman was fired by Seagal when it was discovered that she was taking
illegal narcotics. There was no mention of which drugs the young lady was taking. At this
time, it is uncertain if any criminal charges will be filed against the actor. Outside the
accusation of her expected availability, it was not mentioned that sexual activity actually
occurred at any time during her employment beyond the claim of fondling on her first
night at his home. Queens Criminal Lawyers say there is a possibility that the suit was
filed by the former assistant in retaliation of being fired.

Accusations of sexual misconduct are a serious matter, and not something to be taken
lightly. A New York Criminal Attorney can help you fight against false allegations that
could affect the rest of your life in various areas. Call today to ensure that you are
properly defended when faced with such a dilemma.

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