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Hempstead Police Look for Hammering Suspect


A Long Island woman is now recovering from a vicious attack by a man with a hammer in July, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer. Police sources told New York Criminal Lawyers the attacker was a man the victim had hired to work for her as a handyman. She met him at a Home Depot store and brought him to her home on July 24, 2010 to do some work around the house.
The suspect fixed the victim’s toilet, but she said he did not do a satisfactory job. When she complained about it to the handyman, he allegedly grew angry with her and hit her with the hammer, leaving multiple fractures, police sources told a New York Criminal Lawyer.
Nassau County Police told a New York Criminal Lawyer the suspect fled after the attack. Police have been searching for him, but have been unable to arrest him at this time. The suspect may have more charges awaiting him, as well – authorities say his DNA may also link him to a rape case in Texas. The search is still ongoing and there is no further information regarding the case at this time.
Running away when accused of a crime only makes matters worse when a suspect is finally caught. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but even if a suspect confesses, he can use a New York Criminal Lawyer to make sure the punishment does not exceed the crime.
If you or a loved one is facing a day in court due to suspected or alleged criminal activity, a New York Criminal Attorney will do everything possible to tip the scales of justice toward your side. You will need representation and there is no one better to fill that role than a New York Criminal Attorney.

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