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Suspect shot 21 times


Suriving a single gunshot from a police firearm is a rarity, let alone multiple shots received all throughout the body. A man charged with weapons possession was shot 21 times and survived, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer. The man was involved in a shooting, and when the police arrived, bullets began to fly both ways. At least two cops were injured in the shooting, but the man who was found with a gun in his hands after the fight was shot 21 times.

According to a New York Criminal Lawyer, the defendant has claimed that the reason he had the gun at the end is because another man involved in the shooting, who died, was trying to kill him and he had to wrestled the gun from his hands. The lawyer for the defendant has stated that he has numerous witnesses who will attest to the defendant’s innocence, and he went on to state that the shooting was wrongful in and of itself, as the police did not need to shoot him so many times.

The defendant was fortunate to only receive the weapons charge, as he was originally charged with attempted murder of one of the police officers, although it has since been learned that the officer was shot by a fellow cop in the shootout, says a New York Criminal Lawyer. No one with the police or district attorney’s office have spoken as to whether the defendant was not charged more harshly because of his many police-inflicted injuries, but it appears that he may have received some leniency.

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