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Leader of Engineers and Architects A Thief Reports a Westchester County New York City Criminal Lawyer

The Civil Service Technical President who has been part of supervising the New York Transit contracts is a thief. According to various sources, the man had seven prior arrests for petty thefts using four different names. According to a Westchester County Criminal Lawyer, the union boss was hired in 1982 and has managed to dodge trouble for more than two decades. New York City Criminal Lawyers indicate that he has been arrested for crimes as small as shoplifting to bartering off a $345 power saw and equipment to go with it.

He was fingerprinted when he was arrested after being caught stealing from Home Dept in Huntington Station. Those fingerprint check turned up other crimes in which he had pleaded guilty to various charges in 1975 to 1979. Westchester County Criminal Lawyers report that the man had also been arrested in 1984 for grand larceny and possessing stolen property. He pleaded to misdemeanor in that case and later he had a petit larceny case tossed out by the court.

He has reportedly told police that his name was Behrouz Hafe, Adamad Sange and Bahram Fathi using four different birthdays. Finally the fingerprints were brought out and at the point, the shady businessman was unable to run anymore. A Westchester County Criminal Lawyer states that the NYC Transit system never knew about his criminal history and he continued to work as an associate project. He earned approximately $90,000 a year. The alleged con artist has not returned phone calls but is currently on unpaid leave of absence

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