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Manhattan Party Boy Continues to Steal While On Bail Reports a NYC Criminal Lawyer

A Manhattan man was out on bail after being locked up for shoplifting. Then, before he could get turned around good, he was arrested again for stealing luxury loot. His latest round of stealing managed to get him busted on Mondays of identity theft and forgery. According to NYC Criminal Lawyers, he is being held in lieu of $100,000 bail this time.

His latest spree took place at Hermes on Madison Avenue near East 62 Street about 2 pm on May 12. He illegally used someone else’s American Express card to purchase 2 handbags for $11,595. NYC Criminal Lawyers indicate that this was the beginning of what was probably going to be a really big shopping trip for the man.

And true to form, about an hour after the initial purchase, he used the card to make three purchases in the amount of $1,861, $3,713 and $1,007 at the Burberry store on Madison Avenue. According to a NYC Criminal Lawyer it is extremely unfortunate that Parker lost his way because at one time he was a fixture on the Manhattan social circuit attending parties at Vogue, Chanel and Christie’s.

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