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Man killed outside Harlem club, states a Queens Criminal Lawyer


A man was shot and killed in front of famous Harlem club, Minton’s Playhouse. Police told
a few Queens Criminal Lawyers that the 32 year old victim received a single gunshot to the
head. He died at the scene. Investigation into this incident is ongoing, and no arrests
have been made at this time. An anonymous witness told authorities that he heard one
shot, and went outside to check things out. He saw the man lying on the ground not
moving, but did not report to a Queens Criminal Lawyer seeing anyone else that might
have been responsible for the crime. It appeared that the victim, who was carrying
$1000 in cash and three cellphones, was headed into the building. It is not clear what
his intentions were, as his 2008 Land Rover was parked across the street with the
headlights still on. The man had a history of trouble, having on his record prior arrests
for criminal possession of a weapon, assault, and drugs. There is no evidence at this
time that would point to the motive of the incident and no suspects have been revealed,
according to New York Criminal Lawyers. Police will continue their investigation into this
matter in hopes of finding the person or persons responsible for this act.

Minton’s Playhouse was once home to great jazz musicians such as Dizzy Gillespie and
Thelonious Monk, and has been re-opened since 2006. No one associated with the club
was available for comment or to make a statement about this crime.

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