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NYC Drug Lord is a Jamaican Fugitive Reports a New York Criminal Lawyer

The Queens and the Bronx had fallen prey to a Jamaican drug lord who was digging deep into the neighborhoods with guns and drugs. The man ran a huge drug and gun smuggling operation and law enforcement sources are working hard to make sure they have uncovered all of his work. New York Criminal Lawyers indicate that the man is the target of a manhunt led by the DEA.

This fugitive is thought to have been operating both a gun and drug ring for years in Eastchester in The Bronx and Rosedale. According to a New York Criminal Lawyer, the Jamaican fugitive was forcing Jamaican businesswomen to smuggle the marijuana and cocaine into the states when they traveled to buy clothes for their shops.

Once the fugitive was making money off of the drug smuggling, he turned to purchasing guns, which were shipped back to Jamaica. The government wants the man extradited to face charges in Jamaica now. The person responsible for leading the entire group hasn’t been in the states for years but his brother is waiting on a separate trial in a Manhattan federal court. The brother of the supposed leader is charged with trafficking more than a ton of marijuana, however he is free on bail and works a security guard says a New York Criminal Lawyer.

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