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Discussing Bank Fraud

In New York, a White Collar Crime is a term used to describe a variety of offenses, most of which have the common denominator of fraud involved. These crimes are New York state and Federal offenses that involve stealing assets and money from another. Bank Fraud is the crime of stealing money from a bank or financial institution. Under the umbrella of Bank Fraud, specific acts included under this crime would include things like Credit Card Fraud, Mail Fraud, check kitting, obtaining a loan under false pretenses, Petite Larceny, grand larceny, forgery and counterfeiting checks.

In these economic times, Banks are on the look out for this type of activity. The District Attorney considers Bank Fraud and other White Collar Crimes a serious offense, and will vigorously prosecute these individuals. The penalties for the offenses can range from substantial monetary fines, restitution (a sum of money paid in compensation for the crime), and potentially lengthy prison sentences. It is important to note that these crimes may also be enforced by federal law enforcement officials and prosecuted via the U.S. Attorneys office in Federal Court. Facing down the Federal Government in a criminal case such as this can be extremely overwhelming. If you find yourself in this situation you need to contact a New York Criminal Lawyer at your first opportunity.

Often these crimes overlap, and it is not uncommon to be charged with more than one offense. A Credit Card Fraud crime may potentially include Mail Fraud, for instance, and Computer Fraud charges can also include ATM fraud. The charge of Misapplication (a Bank Fraud charge) is the conversion of funds for your own use, is commonly tied to the Embezzlement. Because of the overlapping issues, the case may be more legally complex, and far more daunting to the defendant faced with multiple charges.

If you are being accused of a bank fraud crime, it is important to secure the advice and counsel of a New York Criminal Lawyer. Stephen Bilkis and Associates is available to provide legal advice and help you to protect your rights. We will provide you with a completely free case consultation when you call us at 1-800-NY-NY-LAW. We have offices throughout New York City, including Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island and The Bronx and in Nassau County, Suffolk County and Westchester County.