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The First Guilty Verdict in Newark Triple Slaying Report a Brooklyn Criminal Lawyer

A schoolyard killing that took the lives of three individuals three years ago is finally going to trial. One person thus far has been convicted on all counts in this horrible crime. Of the six men and boys charged in the slayings, the first man faces life terms in prison. Sentencing is set for July 8, 2010 reports a Brooklyn Criminal Lawyer.

The killings spurred a wave of anti-crime measures and since a fourth victim survived the horrible ambush, the men should all be held accountable for their role in the killing spree. All four of the victims had made plans to attend Delaware State University but as it is, only one will be able to make the dream a reality. The three victims that didn’t survive were found near a playground wall report Brooklyn Criminal Lawyers.

With the three victims dying from a gunshot to the back of the head, the victim that survived most likely witnessed the execution style killing of the others. The other individuals involved in the killing spree will be tried at a later date. However, certain New York Criminal Lawyers report that the other three will most likely face the same charges.

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