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Realtor’s killer smiles at victim’s family, states New York City Criminal Lawyer


The personal assistant of a well respected Realtor bludgeoned her employer to death
after stealing from her. New York City Criminal Lawyers have knowledge that the assistant
was acquired through a temporary agency and had been employed mostly at the
Realtor’s home for four months. Over that period of time, the assailant was using her
employer’s credit cards and writing checks in her name. The two had become close
before the victim became aware of the theft. According to a conversation with a friend
just before her death, she had planned to confront the temp. The evidence reveals that
this crime was deliberate, not spontaneous. A New York City Criminal Lawyer states that the
defendant was very calculated in her plan to off the Realtor, for which she used a blunt
object that has yet to be found. She had lied to the victim’s husband about his wife’s
whereabouts, telling him she was walking in the park when in fact she was lying in a
pool of her own blood. She planned her exit in an effort to dodge surveillance cameras
following the incident, so her blood-stained clothes would not be seen. Cameras that
could not be avoided revealed that she turned her cargo pants inside out before leaving
to hide the blood. The murderer complained in front of New York Criminal Lawyers that
her original defense team was not competent in their representation and she did not
receive a fair trial. Her new attorney plans to file a motion to set the verdict aside, as
well as appeal the decision. He contends that his client is innocent of the horrific crime.

Evidence must be interpreted by those who were not there. Often the clues left behind
are misleading and inconclusive, and innocent parties are faced with allegations of
horrific crimes. Those accused desperately need the experience and skill of a New York
City Criminal Lawyer to sort through the evidence and find the truth. If you have been
accused of something you did not do, call a New York Criminal Attorney today. Your
future depends on it.

The firm of Stephen Bilkis & Associates and its New York Criminal Lawyers and convenient locations in the New York Area including North Bay Ridge, NY can be very helpful to you if you find yourself involved in a criminal prosecution. Facing charges without a New York Criminal Lawyer is a poor option.

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