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NYPD Officer Charged Says a New York Criminal Lawyer


One of the most upsetting crimes for most everyone to cope with is that we have police officers that are not abiding by the law themselves. And, an officer who specifically chose to get involved in the NYPD so that he could continue to make good on his criminal activity is even more upsetting. The eight-year veteran was busted in a drug trafficking ring report New York Criminal Lawyers.

The man started the scheme in 2001 when he joined a group who were targeting drug dealers in Manhattan, Queens and Philadelphia. The problem came in when he was using his role on the NYPD to make fake arrests with real police equipment. According to a New York Criminal Lawyer, the man’s in-laws helped in the arrests of the drug dealers.

The arrest of the fake officers resulted in 250 kilos of cocaine and over $2 million in drug money. The officer was part over 100 robberies and supplied the crew with NYPD raid jackets, fake Miranda cards, bulletproof vests, badges, guns and other law enforcement gear. New York Criminal Lawyers report that the man was involved in raiding drug dens with the other criminals and even acted as a lookout on occasion.

According to New York Criminal Lawyers, the DEA managed to take eight of the 15-member crew in custody in 2008. The dirty officer was charged with conspiracy to distribute some of his ill-gotten drugs. One of the men involved in the dirty ring pleaded not guilty but was remanded into federal custody until a later date.

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