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Police have caged hamster thief, says New York Criminal Lawyer


The Eden II School for Children with Autism was recently burglarized. The heartless
thief, with the help of at least one person, stole $3000 worth of electronics from the
Staten Island school. The executive director of the school told a New York Criminal
Lawyer that the students were impacted the most when it was discovered Star the class
hamster, Skippy the sock puppet, and six rubber ducks were also nabbed. The location
of the hamster and his cage is not known at this time. Authorities told New York Criminal
Lawyers that they were able to nab the suspect with the help of a confidential informant.
The break-in has caused emotional distress and trauma to several of the children,
resulting in many tears and some have even lost sleep. The culprit, from Staten Island,
was unrepentant when he was taken to Rikers Island following his arraignment. He was
quite defiant as well, flipping the bird to photographers during his departure. Information
about the accomplice has not been released to date, and it is not clear if there was more
than one person helping in the burglary. Having someone to hold accountable for this
crime will help the children have some closure and be able to move on, according to New
York Criminal Lawyers. It is certain that the parents of the students are relieved now
too, as autistic children have a more difficult time processing these types of events the
way other children can. Many felt undone not knowing who could commit such an
insensitive act.

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