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Teenage Girl Stabbed by Mother’s Ex-Boyfriend Reports a New York Criminal Lawyer

A woman asked her angry boyfriend to leave her home after a argument. Instead, the man took his anger out on the woman’s daughter. The teenage girl was stabbed 20 times. The man fled from the apartment after stabbing the young girl. Fortunately he was captured soon after he left the apartment report New York Criminal Lawyers.

According to authorities, the man’s nine-year-old daughter called 911 and turned him in. The man and woman were involved in an altercation and were trying to reconcile outside the young woman’s apartment around 11 PM when he became violent. According New York Criminal Lawyers, the woman had no plans of making the relationship work and left the apartment with friends. The man was left behind with the woman’s four children and Aunt indicates New York Criminal Lawyers.

The teenager girl stood up to the man and insisted that he leave the apartment. That’s when the man turned on the young girl. The other three children, twin boys 2 and a sister, were already in bed. The sister to the victim came out of her bedroom. The victim insisted that the youngster go back to bed. The young girl called 911 and police were dispatched to the scene. The young girl was taken my emergency services to a local hospital where she later died. According to New York Criminal Lawyers, the suspect was homeless and lived in a city-run men’s shelter and has four prior arrests for robbery, weapons possession, drugs and assault. Criminal Lawyers report that the man was outfitted with a bulletproof vest when he was taken to court because the young girl’s father had made threats to kill him. The man was charged with murder and weapons possession and will be held without bail.

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